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'Painting Images With Light; Moments Framed With Love'

'I love light, I love shadow, I love Subway salad bowls
I love words, I love birds, I love swimming water voles
I love autumn, I love winter, I love spring and summer high
I love setting suns and rising suns, splashing tides and sky'

Written by Tom Charles – April 2014

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Watercolours and Sketches by Tom

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Watercolours and Sketches by Tom


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Garden Birds

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Garden Birds

Black and White

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Black and White

My Mobile Phone Images

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My Mobile Phone Images

Natural Abstract

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Natural Abstract

Bittern Heron and Egret

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Bittern Heron and Egret


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Guestbook for Tom Charles Photography
Howard and Gail Arends(non-registered)
Nice speaking to you today Tom at Lunt. Your photography is absolutely tremendous. You’ve got real talent mate. Hope to bump into you again and have another chat.
Marion Roberts(non-registered)
I too had the pleasure of meeting Tom at Lunt. Looking forward to seeing the sketches!
mick sheldon(non-registered)
had the pleasure of meeting tom at the lunt.What a pleasant helpful and informative man helped me get 2 lifers.Thankyou Tom
Christian Hindle(non-registered)
Just met tom at mere sands nature reserve so thought I would check out his website,nice bloke fantastic photos to
Thomas T. Shipley(non-registered)
Such beautiful + evocative images really inspirational work.........keep them coming