Hi, I'm Tom.

I live in Liverpool, a city on the Northwest coast of England.

The Port of Liverpool was founded in 1207 AD and serves as a gateway for the exporting and importing of goods to and from the world. Liverpool is a very cosmopolitan and vibrant city, welcoming visitors from many distant lands.

Along with its industrial roots, the whole region of Northwest England hosts a very diverse collection of flora and fauna; providing a treasure chest of subjects for any lover of the natural world, art and photography.

Having been interested in wildlife since childhood, I was always keen to learn about, name and record the things that I saw within nature.

In 2004 I began using a Nikon Coolpix 4500 compact camera, attached to a scope (digiscoping). Soon after, I bought a digital SLR.

Photography here in the UK, I believe, is very challenging. Extremes in the seasons, weather and light, give the photographer ingredients to produce powerful and moody images.

When I take a photograph, I'm drawn to interesting light, texture, contrasts and atmosphere. I would say that I am more artist than 'technical' photographer.

As a side note, I vehemently distance myself from photographers who disrespect any aspect of nature and wildlife in order to get his or her 'trophy image'. The hype generated is fed in to by social media platforms as well as organisations that claim to promote respect for wildlife and nature. This has contributed to an army of 'wildlife photographers' in search of 'competition' images, showing little to no respect for the subject they pursue.

Along with all images, accompanying words/poetry on this website are my own (unless otherwise stated) and require permission from myself for reproduction, in any form.

I hope that you enjoy your visit; and please, feel free to drop me a line :-)

All the best,