23/07/2013 - Due to a few issues relating to my current email address, involving my replies not being received by a number of contacts, I have added a new email address to my website (see 'send message' on homepage and 'contact' on other pages). This will now be my main address for all correspondence. Apologies to anyone who had failed to get a reply from me, due to this issue.

If you have contacted me by email, regarding an image request, and have had no reply, please check your junk email folder and/or email me again via my new address.

Thanks :)



06/10/2014 - In the light of increasing reports regarding people with big lenses (and smaller setups) showing complete disrespect for wildlife, I would like to say that I vehemently distance myself from photographers who behave in such a betraying manner in order to get his or her 'trophy image'. I have seen and heard about some despicable actions undertaken by such ones, often at the cost of the environment and creature/s they pursue. I also believe that this hype and mania is fed in to, by organisations that claim to promote respect for wildlife and nature. They have become a contributing factor in spreading an army of 'wildlife photographers' in to the countryside, in order to get their 'competition' shots,  showing little or no respect for our beautiful and often delicate environment. These give real lovers and seasoned watchers of nature a bad name, which is becoming increasingly embarrassing and is very unfair.



19/12/14   - Information for artists who wish to paint from photographs - copyright and ownership:

UK Law - https://www.gov.uk/copyright/overview

US Law - http://painting.about.com/cs/artistscopyright/f/copyrightfaq5.htm   



08/01/2016 -  If images are dim in mobile viewing, place a check in Google Chrome settings 'Request Desktop site'.



09/02/2016    -   Attention seekers, charlatans & trophy hunters need not apply


06/09/2016   -  After seeing some information online recently that gave me some cause for concern, I feel it important to emphasize that I only have this website for showing my photography, artwork and writing. If in any doubt, please contact me via my regular email account: tomcharlesphotographyathotmail.co.uk (replacing the 'at' with @ in address)



08/11/2016 - Website pages down due to necessary work in progress. I can still be contacted via email: tomcharlesphotography(at)hotmail.co.uk (replacing the (at) with @)



20/09/2017 - As a reminder, I no longer use/own the domain name tomcharles-photography.co.uk; I use only the tomcharlesphotography.co.uk domain name to host my photos, writings and paintings/sketches.


12th February 2018 - I no longer own nor am I connected to, in any way, the website tomcharles-photography.co.uk. I have no understanding of its current purpose. My website address is without the hyphen.


15th January 2019 - Sometime in 2018, Zenfolio, the company that hosts my website, introduced webpage security for all pages throughout this website. In the web browser address box you will see the addition of the secure padlock, followed by https (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure)


22nd June 2019 - On any particular page of my website, latest additions, photos or sketches, are to be found at the bottom of each page.



23rd March 2020 - Nice people and regular visitors may send me an email to request a password to access my website. The website is locked down due to an ongoing issue. Apologies for any inconvenience.


13th May 2022 - To send me an email, click on 'Contact' tab then click on 'send message'; this will then show my email address.